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Kendal- Castle Street Painters - recent course work

Original work produced by the Members can be seen online by clicking Members Gallery above. However, a proportion of the year is taken up by detailed studies of the work of old-masters.

On several occassions during the year the group examines an old master in depth and then attempts a quick copy. These are recent examples:

Some examples of our copies of a still-life by W. Kalf - a dutch painter in 17th century. As near as poissible we use the pallete of colours available at the time of the original painting but normally work to a quarter size or less. The aim was to study composition and the way in which such a painting was produced with a very limited palette.






Some examples of our copies produced during our earlier quick studies of Constable's compositions and painting techniques:

const sketch

The most recent studies are of one of Titian's paintings in an attempt to understand how he got so much "movement" into a painting and again how it was produced with such a small range of colours




titian3 copy

Titian copy

The originals of these paintings are in the National Gallery and can now be viewed in detail on line










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