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Kendal- Castle Street Painters


This is the website for the Kendal - Castle Street Painters. We a group of people who enjoy learning to paint in oils in the "traditional" manner. We are all people who have had some experience of painting before joining the group. We see ourselves as "improving" amateur painters.

This Website is designed as an information system for the group.

The members live and work in the Westmorland area of Cumbria. We have painted together for three years but prior to that many members had studied with Martin Greenland on the courses he has taught locally over the past decade - particularly at The Brewery - Kendal's Art Centre - and at Higham Hall - Cumbria's Continuing Education College.

Each group member can exhibit any of their paintings on their own pages of this website. The painters have each chosen what to show themelves so inevitabvly many of the paintings have been done outside our group painting sessions. Should you be interested to contact one of the painters please use the Contact link at the top of the page

Tutor - Martin Greenland

Our tutor is Martin Greenland . Many but not all of us have worked with him for over five years - learning the craft of making paintings by using traditional oil painting methods, techniques and approaches. Recent examples of class work can be viewed here.

Martin is an internationally known painter who has exibited throughout the UK. He was the winner of the 2006 John Moores competition for contemporary artists - Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery, which showcases the best of new British painting.

Martin Greenland's website

martin greenland

Also see" Google Images" for more of Martin's work.


Members Gallery

Thelma Allen

Anne Beer

Liz Ford-Slater

Jan Mingay

Sue Walley

John Walters

Lynn Ali

Keith Reed

Catriona James

Allan Steward

Iain Greenwood

Recent examples of class work



All members of the Kendal - Castle Street Painters' group can use space on this website to exhibit their oil paintings.

Some of these paintings have already been sold and in the ownership of other people but some are available for sale - use If you are interested in discussing a purchase use the Contact Button above - under the header to send a message via the Administrator of this site - state which artist and painting interests you.

Group members -
can you please send me any info. about Art Exhibitions in our region or elsewhere - use the Contact Button above.

Also any links to websites with useful information about painting techniques and/or with good examples of the work of other traditional or modern artists (well known or otherwis)e  - I will then add Can you also let me have more pictures for the website - whatever you have available now and then send me others later.





The copyright on all the paintings exhibited here is retained by the individual artist. No picture should be printed or used electronically without the written permission of the artist.

Latest update: 26 June 2010